How IMODIUM® products work

The steady, normal rhythm of your digestive system is disrupted by the onset of diarrhoea. Your intestines go into overdrive and are unable to absorb essential fluids and salts, resulting in unwanted, watery or loose stools. IMODIUM® works by helping to restore the natural rhythm of your digestive system and effectively relieves the symptoms of diarrhoea.

Your digestive system

Your digestive system is a complex and sensitive set of organs. When it’s working normally, foods and fluids are passed at a steady pace from the stomach into the small intestine and into the colon. They absorb necessary salts and water, to leave a normal stool consistency.

Anything that then upsets your digestive system can disrupt its regular movements, sending your intestines into overdrive. Food and fluids are passed through too quickly, and your stools become loose and watery as a result – we call this diarrhoea.

IMODIUM® products work with your digestive system, slowing movement down and helping to restore balance whilst relieving diarrhoea.

IMODIUM® products work with your body

IMODIUM® contains an ingredient called Loperamide that works to gently calm the digestive system into a normal rhythm to relieve diarrhoea symptoms.

Which IMODIUM® product is right for me?

Whatever the situation there’s an IMODIUM® product for you.

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